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Dance theater by Yamila Khodr based on the one of the same name Drama fragment by Georg Büchner.

Commissioned by Theater für Niedersachsen
Premiere 21.01.2024

Be it in opera, drama or literature – there are countless adaptations of the story about the young man Woyzeck, who endures a number of humiliations in order to enable his family to have a good life despite adverse circumstances. But because of his jealousy he loses everything and, in his madness, commits an unspeakable act. Many questions remain unanswered that arise for viewers even in today’s context: How much arbitrariness and humiliation can a person endure? To whom do we give our compassion? How is a political system reflected in everyday life and thinking?

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Yamila khodr

Albrecht Ziepert

Beata kornatowska

Alona rudnev

choreographic assistance
Meritxell Aumedes Molinero


Alessia Ruffolo, Marie Hanna Klemm, Fernando Balsera, Robin Rohrmann