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Premiere: 18.09.2022, 19h.

Commissioned work for Theater für Niedersachsen, Hildesheim, Germany

Choreography by Yamila Khodr, in collaboration with the 12H Dance Collective
based on the tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare

„The rest is silence“ are Hamlet’s last words. However, the audience of every Hamlet production is likely to sense that there is a lot behind this silence – rage, despair, great, still unresolved conflicts and countless, unspeakable words. The dance version of the Hamlet trilogy host in this Theatre also concentrates on the unspoken conflicts and emotions that words can only begin to describe and reveals a particularly intense side of Shakespeare’s classic: Hamlet’s grief and thirst for revenge, Ophelia’s madness and Claudius’s lust for power are all made even more haunting by the dynamic, intoxicating movements.

The choreographer Yamila Khodr devotes herself to these different facets of the characters in collaboration with the artists‘ collective 12H Dance, with whom she realised the multimedia documentary performance, among others. Born in Argentina, she has already worked as a dancer and choreographer at the Saarland State Theatre and internationally in and with numerous companies. She sees contemporary dance as an art form through which it is possible to confront interpersonal differences and diversities, to appreciate them and to search for connections. In this hamlet dance evening, she shows the unspeakable, the force behind silence.


Choreography: Yamila Khodr, in collaboration with the 12H Dance Collective

Music: Albrecht Ziepert

Stage + Costumes: Anna Siegrot

Dance: Antonio Carta, Sami Similä (Hamlet), David Pallant (Claudius), Camille Jackson (Gertrude), Maria Pasadaki (Ophelia).



Sa, 10.09.2022 20:00 Uhr | Nienburg

Sun., 18.09.2022 19:00 | Hildesheim

For further dates and tickets  >check Theater für Niedersachsen website here<


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